4 Tips for Dining Out on a Budget

We all like to eat out with friends and have a good time, but this can take a serious toll on your wallet. There are plenty of ways for students to dine out without always burning holes in their pockets. You have to know where to look and when to go and you will find that there are some really great deals out there and some are designed just for students. The following will give you some ideas for dining on a budget.

1. Look in the paper – If you look in your local paper you will sometimes find coupons for restaurants. Make sure to clip them out and use them before they expire. Advise your friends to get the same paper so they can get money off as well.

2. Call before – If you do not have a coupon or the restaurant does not have a special that day, you should call ahead of time to see if they offer student discounts. Many places will give students either a certain percent off or a certain dollar value off of their meals if they provide their school ID. This is a great way to save some cash as it is usually offered every day. Some places only offer it on certain days so make sure to ask that so you do not show up on a day when they do not have the offer.

3. BYOB – It is always nice to get a drink when you go out, but that can be costly. If you or your friends are celebrating a special occasion and want to go out, you should bring your own bottle of wine and share it so the cost of the meal is kept to a minimum and no one walks out having too much to drink. 

4. Rate the service – Many places will allow you to go online and tell about your experience. Some will send you a gift card while others might send you some coupons. If the service or meal was terrible and you want to let the place know about it, talk to a manager and your current or next meal might be on the house. Do not lie just to get a free meal. Only complain if there really was a problem with the service or meal. 


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