College Life Tips

Heading off to college is an exciting and wonderful experience. It can also be a scary time if you are not sure how to make this new college lifestyle work for you. Utilizing the college life is the key to success. The first thing you want to do is make sure to keep a good head on your shoulders. Without a strong sense of who you are and who you hope to become, the college lifestyle can eat you up and spit you out only to move on to the next victim.

College Tip #1

First what you want to do is make sure that your roommates are aware of any ideas you have for ground rules such as no parties during the week or no loud music after 9pm. By setting boundaries with your roommates they will respect you as you should respect their requests. Make sure they are not requesting that 7 nights a week you are hosting dorm parties. These boundaries will also allow you get your work done in a nice quiet environment instead of always having to go to the library.

College Tip #2

Make it mandatory that you get your rest. College students, especially those who live on campus never seem to get enough sleep and this can be detrimental to grades and health. You want to ensure your health and grades do not slip because of heavily caffeinated beverages that keep you awake while trying to cram for a test or paper. Try not to get to bed later than 12am. This is a great time to head to bed because it will allow for you to get up for those 8am classes. Use the week for your studies and then have a good time over the weekend. If you have a job, learn how to balance work and school so that you are getting enough sleep. You do not want to be falling asleep in class, forgetting answers to tests, and writing horrible papers because you are not allowing enough time for sleep.

College Tip #3

Lastly, you want to make sure you save some money. In college, expenses always seem to pop up and face it, you do not want to be stuck eating noodles and water for four years. By eating right and buying good food you are sure to be healthier than the rest. Keep up your immune system by taking a multi-vitamin as well. College life can be stressful and you do not want it to get the best of you.


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