College Textbooks

Purchasing textbooks is unnecessarily expensive. Why do they have to make them so much money? Honestly, when it comes down to it, college and books are a business. They can get away with charging so much because students need these books and will pay for them no matter what the price.

Sometimes a professor will tell you that you do not need to purchase the book as he/she will make photocopies of what will need to be read. Other professors live for the book and will make you read it cover-cover. Some students like to purchase the books before classes even begin. Though this will ensure you are fully prepared for the first day, you might be spending money that does not need to be spent.

Waiting to see what the professor has to say about the book can determine whether or not you need to buy it. If you do need to purchase the book try to stay away from new copies. If that is all your school bookstore has to offer then go to the internet and search for the book. If it is not a new edition you should be able to find it used and cheaper online than at your school.

I do not buy books from my school at all. I have learned that online prices beat even the school’s used-book prices. College is expensive enough; there is no need to spend more money on books. If you can access the book online for a small fee see if that will suffice for your class.

Saving money is the name of the game and maybe you can pass some money-saving ideas on to your professors to share with their next classes. They will appreciate that because unless the professor wrote the book, which many of them do, they are not making money off you purchasing the book.

I once had a professor who made us purchase two of his books because we needed to use them for every assignment. We opened them twice. See what you can do about spending less on books, but if you need the book, get it; your grade depends on it.


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