Common College Questions

Entering the world of college is a new experience for those who have just graduated high school. The expectations are higher and there is a whole new pair for shoes for you to fill. It can be scary going from high school to college with simply an orientation to prepare you. There is more to know than any orientation can inform you of, but doing your research beforehand can help you become more knowledgeable before the big day arrives.

When do I declare my major? – Some schools think you should come in knowing what you want to do while others favor taking your time. You should not worry too much about declaring your major the first year. Many students change their majors around sophomore and junior years so if you need more time and want to take some courses in several areas to feel them out, do so. It is easier than constantly changing your major every time you think you have a new plan.

Where can I buy my books cheaper? – College bookstores are severely overpriced when it comes to textbooks. You should try to avoid shopping there at all costs. Instead, take to the Internet and check out some sites that offer textbooks. Usually the sites that sell them will also purchase them back after the semester. Try to look for sites that offer free buyback shipping that way you are only being paid rather than paying for shipping.

How will I find the time for the work? – The biggest shock when you get to college is the immense amount of work that will cross your desk every week. Colleges assume school is your number one job if you are there for your undergraduate degree. If you get your priorities in order will you find plenty of time to complete your work to the best of your abilities. You must put school above friends, especially during midterms and finals. It is completely up to you how much time you allow for your studies, but know that it is possible to get it all done if you plan accordingly. You’re better off earning the higher grades in the beginning of the semester than scrambling towards the end to try and get your grades up. Hopefully this answers some of your college questions!


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