College Language

Remember in high school when you had to learn Spanish, French, or Latin? That was pretty tough as the years progressed and hard to become fluent in. College is the same as learning another language and takes time and patience to absorb. What makes it so hard to learn is that you almost have to know it before you can ask questions about it.

I remember in Spanish class I had to ask the question in Spanish. The problem was the question was about Spanish and I did not k now the language well enough to form the question in the language. This is exactly what college language is like. It does not necessarily have to be one word. Sometimes phrases, directions, an advice can be hard to translate as well.

When the school tells you to register for classes by a certain time what they mean is sign into the system early because it can run slow with the overflow of traffic. Whatever time the school advises you to register sign in between thirty and sixty minutes before hand and make sure to stay active of your account may get timed out.

The Bursar’s office is where payments are made. This took me two years to figure out because I was too afraid to ask someone. The Registrar’s office is where you can change your major and many things having to do with your account. The Provost is under the President and handles larger issues than advisors, but smaller issues than the President. I did not understand who the Provost was until I needed her my sophomore year.

Many schools also have the rule that if your professor is fifteen or twenty minutes late without warning, the class is allowed to dismiss themselves without being counted as absent. If your professor addresses this issue at any point and states that he/she would like you to wait, they do have to power to change this so be careful when you decide to leave.

Understanding some of these terms is hard to do when there is no one guiding you. You should always have an advisor you can turn to, but if your school is like mine, they will not tell you who your advisor is until your junior year. Hopefully these tips can help guide through and make things a little bit easier for you. Good luck and never be afraid to ask someone if you feel stuck.


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