College Application Process

You have finally found the school or schools you want to attend. Everyone tells what you have what you have to do to find your schools and qualify, but what happens after that? Do the school fairies come down and sprinkle you with acceptance dust? No, but wouldn’t that be nice? Finding the school and applying is the trickiest part.

School Application Process

Now it is time for you to make a list of all the schools you would like to apply to and see what the writing component is for each of them. Take a day or two where you write and perfect those pieces so they are the best you can get them before you fill out your application.

Once the writing components are finished go online and fill out one application at a time. The application process is now done online, which makes it much easier than waiting for your applications in the mail. Make sure you are attaching the correct writing component to the right application. Take your time when filling out these applications and make sure your spelling is correct. Once that is done you can send it in.

Most applications have a fee of $50 which can add up quickly so make sure you are only applying to those you would not mind attending. It is always a good idea to have a “safety school”. That is a school that you know you will get into and attend if all else fails.


After School Acceptance

The good news is you have found your schools, which is the hardest part. Now you just have to play the waiting game and wait to see which schools you were accepted to. Once you receive you acceptance letters it may instruct you what to do next. I have always found it more helpful to go the extra mile and meet with one of the heads of the school such as head of admissions or the Provost. There you can ask any questions you may have, set up your account and get a first-hand look at the classes available.

By doing this when you first get accepted, it gives you a slight edge over the other students. It shows you care just a little bit more and want to hear how the school work straight from the mouths of those who run it. This is all the easy stuff since finding your school was the hardest part. Good luck with the application and set-up process. This is an exciting time of your life, so take the journey for all it is worth!


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