Clubs in College: To Join or Not to Join?

College is not just about studying and partying, as it has been stereotypically positioned to be. While the education you obtain at school is invaluable, it may not be the most useful thing that you possess after graduating. The connections created with industry professionals and your social network will last you a lifetime and require being in school to create. The knowledge obtained can be learned outside of a traditional academic institution, and is therefore not as valuable. Making connections and building relationships is imperative for a successful career and a happy life. Clubs afford like-minded students the opportunity to meet and explore their mutual interests together.

Most clubs are organizations created by students with an interest that isn't really explored in class or that isn't delved into as deeply as the students would like it to be. The social opportunities afforded by clubs are numerous and allow you to meet people that you will probably bond with due to your common interests. Even ignoring the friends you can meet, clubs allow you to explore your interests which are not covered in the school curriculum. Say you love martial arts, and no university has a martial arts team, so you join or start a club dedicated to martial arts. You will find sparring partners which will push you to achieve new levels of success in the sport.

A number of clubs have faculty advisors that are well-connected within the field that the club is involved with. You can use this to your advantage in finding a career after graduating. Get to know your advisor and they will serve as an instant recommendation if the club deals with your career choice. For instance, if you are a finance major you should join the investment banking club at your school, if there is one; if not, start your own and distinguish yourself even more.

Don't be shy, join a club and meet new people. You probably won't regret, and will wind up meeting some interesting people that may be your friends for a long time.


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