Job Boards: Career Placement Tools

The purpose of attending a college or university is two-fold: one reason for doing so is to obtain an education but this leads into the second purpose, which is to obtain a job in your chosen field. Even in the best of times with the economy booming, finding a job can be difficult as there are many other people competing for the same position. During the recent recession, it has become even more difficult to land the job you want. It is very important to start searching diligently and early in order to gain an advantage against others. Make sure you take advantage of all the resources available to you.

Use the Resources that are Available to You

As a student at a college or university in the United States of America, chances are extremely high that you have access to the career services center at your school. Your school's career services center employs counselors who have a strong understanding of the hiring processes behind many of the companies to which you will be applying. They can help you prepare for an interview or look over your resume to make sure that it is constructed in the best way possible. Your college or university's career services center also networks with many corporations which allows them to recruit candidates from your school. Often, these companies have on-campus interviews with students that are extremely convenient for you. These companies are more likely to hire you as well, since they have developed a relationship with your school and trust the quality of employees from it.

Look Outside of Your School as Well

Although your college or university provides you with a number of resources in your job search, it is not enough to only use these. If you are serious about finding a job, you need to use all of the avenues available. There are a number of resources outside of your school that can be used to find employment after graduation. One of these is the job board. A job board is a web site that brings together employees and potential employees. Employers post openings to their companies and applicants send their resumes to the employer if they are interested in a particular position. There are some extremely large job boards such as and

Apply to the Right Jobs

Job boards have thousands of job postings and it is important that you weed through them to find the jobs that are right for you. It does not make sense to apply to jobs that are either not your area of expertise, too high of a level, or too basic for your qualities. Find the jobs that fit your experience and education as well as your preferences for employment. If you want to work in New York City, there is no point to send a job application to a firm in Topeka, Kansas. Read the job descriptions thoroughly and write a cover letter that relates to the description and highlights your strong points regarding the job.


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