BlackBerry vs. Droid

Students are coming to rely on their smartphones on a daily basis in order to communicate with friends, reach professors, and be in on the latest news for whichever field they may be in. Some students care about the device that aids in this process while others just want one that works and is reliable. The BlackBerry and the Droid are both very popular phones and serve the same main purposes. The Droid can do a little more and has more computer-like qualities, but the BlackBerry is an old favorite. talks about these two phones.

- The Droid can serve as a wireless hotspot for up to five computers while the BlackBerry can connect through a cord or Bluetooth to one device.
- The BlackBerry is offered in touch screen in the Storm but can be hard to use since the entire screen pushes down. The Droid has touch screen but allows for only a vibration when the screen is touched. That feature can also be turned off.
- The BlackBerry has been around longer so more kinks have been worked out. Since the Droid is newer the systems can handle more, but can freeze or hold up messages from being sent. This can also happen with a BlackBerry but is less likely when the phone is new.
- BlackBerry offers BlackBerry Messenger or BBM which allows other BlackBerry users to chat with one another on a special text messaging program. The Droid offers some applications for different messaging programs, but none that are specific to the phone.
- Both phones are capable of E-mail, text message, picture message, Internet, and social networking. It depends on which BlackBerry and which Droid you purchase because some are quicker than others when receiving notifications from the social networking sites.
- Both phones have many applications that can be downloaded for free or a small fee. It tends to be a little more popular with the Droid, but BlackBerry users are not foreign with the applications available.

It is up to you which phone is more for your lifestyle. You should always play with the phone before purchasing it to make sure it is what you expect. Both phones are great, though some might have different opinions it is really up to the individual. Do your research before committing to a phone because there is usually a restocking fee if you return it and then the added expense of purchasing another phone.


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