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With all of the college lingo being tossed at you while you’re trying to finish high school or decide where to go to college, it can get confusing. Something that confused me for years was what an Associate’s Degree meant. Do you get that from a business school? A community college? A traditional four-year college? How many credits do you need to get one? How many years does it take? These were all the questions I was wondering for a very long time. The following will help you understand exactly what an Associate’s degree means and what it entails.

The Basics

An Associate’s degree is usually comprised of 60 credits and can be attained by attending a community college, business school, or a traditional college or university. Those 60 credits can take about two years to complete, and once the curriculum is completed you can graduate with your Associate’s degree. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it really is that simple.

What to Do With Your Degree

Now that you know how to get it, what exactly can you do with it? One option is to transfer those credits to a bachelor program. Students can also use those two years to ensure they get great grades in order to get accepted into a better school. It is also used as a way to save some money. Instead of attending a pricey school for an extra two years, those credits can be earned at a less expensive school and then can be transferred to the school in which you will be completing the other two years. Associate’s degrees can also be earned from online programs.

Not only are you cutting out two years of schooling but you can also do it from the comfort of your own home. Now, of course you know that you are limiting yourself with types of jobs you are qualified for if you do not continue on after your two years, but if you know what you want to do only requires two years, have fun with it!

Depending on what you are specializing in, it is also possible to stop after the two years and find a well-paying job that will hire you with your Associate’s. Of course it depends on the demands of the jobs, but it is certainly possible to achieve. The good thing is you can always further your Associate’s after you finish so enjoy the journey and happy studying!


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