5 Study Tips

We all know how important it is to make time for studying. Though making time for it can be hard enough, that is actually the easy part. Learning how to study is an art form. Many students lack the skills it takes to efficiently study for a given subject and this can stem back to poor note taking or just no interest in the subject. The following will give you some important tips.

1. Notes – You need to make sure you take great notes especially if it is a subject you have trouble in. Try to take them as neatly as possible when they are given and re-write them neatly and more organized when you get home. You can type them out if it makes it easier for you but do not use that as you method. It has been proven that students retain more information when re-writing the information by hand.

2. Ask Questions – If there is anything you are stuck on make sure to ask you teacher during class, after class, in a meeting, or through an E-mail. The more you have cleared up before the test date the better off you will be.

3. Don’t Cram – Studying the day before or the day of is not beneficial. Start studying the first day notes are given. You will retain more information and it will not be so overwhelming when you review the day before.

4. Highlight – When you are reading or there is something in your notes that seems difficult make sure to highlight it so you know to spend more time on it when you have everything else down.

5. Create a Mock Test – Creating a mock test will allow you to make questions of things you think you know but realize you don’t when you go to answer them. This is a great way to pin point what needs more work and what you have down. You must make the test hard or have your teacher send you mock questions if you do not trust yourself with this. Do this a few days before the test so you have time to review and make sure you have it all down as best as you can.


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