4 Ways to Get a Better Sleep

Whether you are in high school, college, or in your career, sleep is essential to functioning at your very best every day. It is becoming very common for us to rely on little sleep and a boost of caffeine to truck through our days, but our bodies need sleep to operate properly. Energy boosts are great if you just have a long day or are behind on work, but using them as a supplement for lost hours of sleep should be avoided. We all like to get a good night’s sleep but with a lot on our minds it can be hard to get into that “sleep-mode”. The following will give you some ideas to winding down from your day and preparing for a good sleep.

1. Sign off – We are constantly wired in to technology. Turning off your phone and not checking your E-mail after a certain time will allow your mind to focus on other things rather than responding immediately to everyone else.

2. Cleanse yourself – After a long day of running around, working, and being around a lot of people you could feel dirty and dingy. Take a shower or bath at the end of your day to rinse off the day and feel fresh for bed. Going to bed with that office smell in your hair and unwashed, you might not be winding down as well as you could be.

3. Create a routing – Having a routine before bed is a great way to get your mind prepared and ready for sleep. Washing your face, brushing your teeth, putting lotion on, setting your clothes out for the following day; these are all great things to add to your nightly routine. Doing them every night before bed can make you rest easier and wake up less stressed knowing you have already showered and your clothes are already set out.

4. Change of thought – When you finally rest your head on that pillow, do your best to let your mind wonder to anything other than what is preventing you from sleeping. Putting on some relaxing music such as waves or rainfall can help aid in this process. Try to think about an upcoming vacation or activity you have been looking forward to. Let your mind stay there until you drift off. Sweet dreams!


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