4 Things Every Student Should Know

There is a lot of information for students to know to make it through high school and college while earning decent grades. There is more for students to know than the information the schools give them, but who is going to inform them? Having gone through college recently, I have come up with a list of four things that every student should know whether they are in college or in high school.

1. Make your goals early – Many students have goals of graduating. While this is a great goal, there should be smaller goals in between that are made in advance. GPA goals are important because they force you to work harder towards certain numbers. You want something you know you can see, and numbers do not lie.

2. Always stay in touch – It is very important that students stay in touch with their teachers. E-mails should always be going out and coming in. By having something to discuss with your teachers shows them you are always actively thinking about succeeding in school and this can reflect in your final grades more than you may think.

3. Always stay after – For every class, you should see your teachers at least once per week to review the lesson, homework, tests, and quizzes. Students tend to only stay after class if they are having trouble, but you should stay after no matter what. By showing your teachers you are putting in the time it will also reflect in your grades. It is also helpful because if you start to have trouble in the class your teacher will see that you have been committed the entire time.

4. Get ahead – With all of the work that is already on your plate and that will be coming your way, you cannot afford to fall behind. Since it can be unpredictable how much time some things will take, it is in your best interest to try and get ahead where you can. If you can do some reading or note-taking ahead of time you will be freeing up some future time for other things you need to get done. This is a big issue with many students as falling behind can be so easy and catching up can be so hard.


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