3 People to Know Well in School

When you are in school it is always a good idea to get to know the higher ups that will be involved in your education. Through personal experience, I have developed a short list of people you should get to know to the best of your abilities in order to increase your success and make your experience that much easier.

1. Your Advisor – Advisors are the key to the school. They know the ins and outs of the programs and can tell you which classes to take and when. Some advisors will actually sit with you for quite some time when you are first accepted to help you put together your four-year plan. It will outline all the courses you will need for the next four years and it is always great to have this on hand so you can ask any questions necessary during your college career.

2. The Head of Your Major Department – The head of the department is usually a professor that you will have at some point. They have a lot of knowledge and many have worked in the field you are studying. These people can assist you in finding an internship or even a job during your college career or for the future. It never hurts to get to know them and they are useful tools for the entire four years.

3. The Provost – The Provost is below the president and knows some inside things about the school. You can find out information that could help you in choosing courses, a major, or even a minor. For example, I was concerned about math and the difficulty level that all students were required to take. I knew I would have trouble so I scheduled a meeting and she informed me that the math requirement for communications majors was going to be altered during the next year or two so I held off and was able to take a class a little more geared for my writing mind.

The best way to get to know any of these people is by scheduling a meeting based around a question or concern. They will see your involvement in your learning career and be happy to see how much you care as a student. You do not have to schedule these meetings right away, but it is a good idea to try to do it within the first year.


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