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In addition to providing a comprehensive college search, is dedicated to helping students and professionals better understand the lifelong value of obtaining a college degree.  It is not only our mission to champion the idea that education is a vital step in any career path, we look to provide information and support to prospective students that are serious about using education to start or enhance their dream career. We plan to do this by providing state-of-the-art career path tools that will guide students through the current occupational outlook while at the same time, give them the information needed to understand what areas of study are required to attain the career of their choosing.

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Featured Articles

  • College Directories

    There are literally hundreds of colleges out there for the normal student to have to choose from. How can you possibly decide where you want to go, what place has what programs and whether you can actually get into any of them? That’s the beauty of college directories. They list all the colleges that are available to students in the United States and elsewhere and help them decided how to differentiate...

  • College Action Plan For High School Seniors

    The senior year in high school is a prime spot along the college preparation path. It is usually at this point that a student must finally choose which university or college they will attend, make sure they have been accepted by the school, consider financial options to pay for school, as well as other choices.

  • Financial Aid Questions and Answers

    With the economy performing quite poorly in many parts of the world, financial aid and scholarships have become probably the two biggest topics when it comes to applying to college. It may seem like a daunting task but you really have to do your research and find out which schools will give you the most money when it comes to the financial aid process. But how exactly do you go about it?

  • Finishing College and Your Degree

    Back in your parents’ days, you didn’t have to get a college degree to make it in the world. Anybody anywhere could just up and leave school with their whole lives and futures ahead of them. Unfortunately those days are no more. College degrees are becoming more and more important...

  • How to Find a College Suited to Me

    Every college is different in its own special way. Some are big state schools with tons of activities going on all the time. Others are smaller liberal arts schools that don’t have that much going on and are more focused on academics. Even still there are private schools that can be focused on anything from religion to science to pretty much anything you can imagine.